How to survive a night home alone from a scaredy cat


Before you go any further I feel I must admit that you may not gain any real useful tips here. I mean the tips you are about to read are given to you by a fully grown adult who spent the most part of last night curled up in a ball with one finger over the call button and 999 ready dialed in. Which brings me to my first tip

If you find yourself loosing grip with sanity through fear you may find some comfort, whilst curled up in a ball, dialing 999 into your phone’s keypad and a finger ready over the call button whilst keeping one eye on the door for intruders.

Search the house for anything suitable to use as a weapon and store it next to your bed. If you find yourself too terrified at this point to go down stairs these ‘weapons’ could include a hairbrush, hairspray, the remote control and a nerf gun (they hurt real bad if thrown at ones head, I’ve had one thrown at my head by an over excited toddler).

Hiding under the covers. It’s the obvious one but effective. We’ve all learnt from hide and seek if you can’t see someone (an intruder for example) then surely they can’t see you.

It’s always good to be prepared for an alien invasion. As a scaredy cat you will be sure this will happen when you are home alone. Prepare the weapons and maybe even set up a camera, if you survive the alien probing you could cash in on the video!



A day well spent


I’m enjoying a cold beer (always my preference over wine) after squeezing all that can be squeezed into today.
Hubby had a day off and I intended to make the most if it. After he had dropped the older two boys at school hubby went off to his hair appointment. 2 year old and I packed a swim bag and headed off to the leisure centre. As we walked over the bridge to get to the centre 2 year old suddenly seamed to develop a fear of heights and belly crawled across the bridge whispering ‘I not gonna fall, I not gonna fall’. I think the other adults watching thought it was crewl that I was standing there full blown belly laughing instead of carrying him but I couldn’t help it!
We enjoyed a swim/splashing session in a very busy pool.
We popped to the library museum before meeting hubby at the cafe for lunch (in 2 year olds case half a plate of ketchup with some food hiding underneath thanks to being in control of the ketchup bottle).
Lovely hubby ordered me to treat myself so I headed off to the nail bar whilst he took 2 year old home to help clean his van (2 year olds favourite thing to do).
After school pick up we burned off some more energy at the park and then headed to the three boys hair appointment.
We finished the evening in front of a Scooby Doo movie exausted and with the boys looking smarter even if they did have sticky faces from the sweets they were sent home with by the barber.

Today started off so well. Child free and after three months of saying ill get to the hairdressers I finally made it. Sitting down reading a magazine while the hairdresser works her magic it was bliss!
The day took a turn on the school pick up with two year old. He has been such a grumpy hand full lately. He refuses to nap and is usually fine but lately come three o’clock, too late to nap, he becomes a little gremlin. Trying to run across the road when he usually waits for my hand, throwing himself on the floor at people’s feet it’s emotionally exausting!
He fell asleep while I was busy cooking dinner, wet himself on the sofa (any good tips on getting pee smell out of fabric?) And bedtime was of course a nightmare. A five minute nap and he’s bouncing off the walls keeping his two older brothers awake.
I was really impressed with my eight year old tonight though. As all the chaos was unfolding around him he asked if he could do anything to help. He loaded up the dryer for me, filled the water bottles for bed time and got every body’s pjs ready after bath time. He really is a godsend at times. He enjoys some grown up responsablity and it’s also just part of his beautiful sweet, caring nature.
I think I will have to do my best to reintroduce the lunch time nap. I’m thinking bribery is the only answer here. Time to stock up on chocolate buttons.

Stress and Parenting


The last few weeks have probably been the most stressful of my life. I like to think of myself as a positive person and when I’m going through a hard time I always tell myself how lucky I am in so many ways. Well its been hard to stay positive lately.
It’s been really hard putting on a brave face in front of the children. The last thing I want is the stress to affect them too but not sleeping well thrown in has left me short tempered and I hate myself for it.
Our family relies on my wonderful, hardworking husband and his work situation has been in limbo lately. He has been employed with the same employer for over 13 years but for many reasons his job security has been unsure. The not knowing has been the worst. Not knowing what plan to make just waiting to be thrown into a direction wherever that might be.
I guess we took for granted the security an employed job brings and we didn’t fully appreciate that until it was about to be ripped away from us.
My husband is a grafter. He certainly isn’t one for sitting still and that has been the biggest worry for me. If he didn’t have work and was stuck indoors he would be frustrated which would make me frustrated which means we would be at each others throats.
It sounds silly but if we spent all day, every day together we would probably end up separating. Not because we don’t love each other enough, we’ve been together for 12 years so we have to be doing something right, but because time apart from each other helps us WANT to be with each other all the time.
After alot of uncertainty hubby is now officially self employed! It’s very scary. He has always been proud that he solely supports our family financially, and he still is but now it has an added pressure with it he has to find his own work.
I’m so proud of him. I think he underestimates himself. He is fantastic at his job and it shows as he has had many calls already asking him to price up jobs etc.
I’m excited about it all. There’s more opportunity for him to have weekends at home, we have just had business cards delivered, ordered t-shirts and when I have worked out how there will be a website set up.
I will always be behind my husband no matter what his decision is. He has done so much for us and I know he will always continue to.

They should hand out wine to parents…..


They should hand out wine to parents who brave a shopping trip on their own with children in tow like they hand out fruit to young children to snack on in supermarkets.

Well a few complimentary glasses of wine would have made me give less of a shit about the tutting adults who were so inconvenienced by my two year old child running in and out of the clothes rails (no where near them) singing ‘Gangnam style’ that they had to stand there staring, making sure I paid attention to their unamused, ‘I’m trying to enjoy my shopping trip with out your little shit ruining it’ kind of face. I mean he was acting unruly but he was happy, having fun and not under anyone’s feet. If he were following people, pulling on their clothes singing ‘I like big butts’ then I would be more understanding of their disapproval but he was contained in one area and I can’t help but think in those moments that some people go out of their way to make other people feel bad.

The lovely lady working there came over to play ‘boo’ and join in the fun my two year old was clearly having. She says ‘He’s such a happy little boy, he’s made my day’. Something like that can make such a difference to my day. I can walk away from a horrendous shopping trip feeling at a point of breaking down, not because my child is not doing what I’m asking that is stressful in itself but the judgment of complete strangers on my parenting can be crushing. When some one comes over in that moment and pays your child a compliment its not only a lovely distraction from the eyes you can feel on you, seeing someone being positive about the situation seams to make the other people carry on with their day and move on.

If they had special opening hours for parents and children where we could all be united with our children who at their young age only want to find fun where ever they go then I would exclusively shop with in those hours. But today, dear shaking head shoppers, my children needed clothing. Sorry for the inconvenience to your day but I won’t let it ruin mine.