How to survive a night home alone from a scaredy cat


Before you go any further I feel I must admit that you may not gain any real useful tips here. I mean the tips you are about to read are given to you by a fully grown adult who spent the most part of last night curled up in a ball with one finger over the call button and 999 ready dialed in. Which brings me to my first tip

If you find yourself loosing grip with sanity through fear you may find some comfort, whilst curled up in a ball, dialing 999 into your phone’s keypad and a finger ready over the call button whilst keeping one eye on the door for intruders.

Search the house for anything suitable to use as a weapon and store it next to your bed. If you find yourself too terrified at this point to go down stairs these ‘weapons’ could include a hairbrush, hairspray, the remote control and a nerf gun (they hurt real bad if thrown at ones head, I’ve had one thrown at my head by an over excited toddler).

Hiding under the covers. It’s the obvious one but effective. We’ve all learnt from hide and seek if you can’t see someone (an intruder for example) then surely they can’t see you.

It’s always good to be prepared for an alien invasion. As a scaredy cat you will be sure this will happen when you are home alone. Prepare the weapons and maybe even set up a camera, if you survive the alien probing you could cash in on the video!




I am a 28 year old mum living in Kent. I am totally outnumbered living with my husband and 3 boys but I love the fun and adventure they bring to my life. As a family we enjoy being active and to get out and about as much as possible. A little about us Me- My husband and I met 12 years ago when I was 16 and him 19. Being so young I don't think either of us expected a nervous first date at the cinema to lead to marriage and 3 children but we soon became inseparable. It can be hard staying 'girlie' in a house full of boys. DS1- DS1 is very sporty. He enjoys football, rugby and swimming but his real passion is motocross. I think hubby would have happily had him on a motocross bike the second he took his first step but he first started to ride when he got his first 50cc bike at 6 years old. Now, aged 8, he rides with complete confidence on his 65cc and is desperate to start competing. As his mother I will always worry about him no mater what he does but seeing how happy this sport makes him makes me want to support him 100%. DS2- DS2 is a real animal lover. He would love nothing more than to have a house full of cats and dogs but unfortunately for him the only pet we have is our goldfish named 'Goldie'. When we visit family who have dogs DS2 will happily sit there for hours talking, stroking and trying to teach them tricks. Computer games is DS2's favourite pass time. He was gifted a tablet for Christmas last year and now, at 6, he has my husband bugging him on tips to get new levels. To keep active DS2 really enjoys swimming. He is not afraid of the water at all and would swim every day given the chance. He has such a loving, caring personality. DS3- DS3 is, well, a real handful as most 2 year olds are. He is never short of energy and zooms everywhere at a million miles an hour on his favourite balance 'motorbike'. Much to my husbands joy DS3 is also obsessed, yes obsessed with motocross. All he wants to do is play motorbikes, wear DS1's helmet and boots at any given chance and watch the videos of DS1 riding. DS3 learns so much from his older brothers and he surprises me everyday with how daring and forward he is in so many ways.

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