Tiny Tantrums


Thank goodness this little rascal is in bed. Following a bad nights sleep last night he has been stumbling around everywhere overly emotional about everything and it’s been like having an unhappy drunk in the house.
This morning after I gave him the cereal he asked for he insisted he actually asked for fruit and yougart then cried for 20 minutes because I took the lid off of the yougart when he wanted to do it.
This afternoon he hurled abuse at his older brother for eating his apple (the very one he was holding in his own hand) slurring ‘You eat my apple! I want my apple!’. The older two boys thought it was hilarious which only angered this little emotional wreck even more.
All day he has been adamant he does not need to lye down and he is not tired. He repeated this over and over whilst he finally fell asleep this evening.
Now where’s the wine so I can become a happy drunk!?


Wedding Anniversary

Wedding photo

Today it is my wedding anniversary. Hubby and I have been together 12 years today and we also got married 5 years ago today.

I was 16 when we met and hubby was 19. I’d love to have some incredibly romantic story of how we met, a tale of two star crossed lovers perhaps but the truth is quite, well, boring.

We met at a train station. Yes a train station, not even a night club or school but a train station. I was with a group of friends of mine and he was with one of his. I hadn’t even met him before that day but one of my friends was already keen on him and she had used my phone to ring him so he could meet us.

I hadn’t spoken to him the whole time we were at the train station that day but I got a phone call that evening.

‘Hi is this the blonde girl from the train station? The really pretty one? Come to the cinema with me Saturday night yeah?’ (I wasn’t sure he’d done this much because he wasn’t exactly Mr Charming). As flattered as I was (mostly because he described me as the blonde one when in fact I was a horrible yellow colour as a result of a home hair dye gone wrong) I turned him down. After ten or so more text messages telling me(!) to go out with him Saturday night I gave in.

He drove us to the cinema in his little red car. The most terrifying drive of my life perhaps. He was clearly showing off speeding round corners and flying over speed bumps. I wasn’t used to being a passenger in a car much at all as my parents never drove and I was already dreading the drive home when we pulled up in the cinema car park.

We were completely unprepared and neither of us had even had a look what films were on that day so when we arrived it was a choice between Harry Potter, which neither of us would admit on a first date that we would actually want to watch, or a film we had never heard of called The Day After Tomorrow. We picked the latter, grabbed some snacks and took our seats. I was so shy my hands were sweating and we didn’t look or talk to each other through most of the film. Hubby was bold enough to go in for a cheeky kiss and it broke the ice.

After the film in keeping with the romantic theme of our meeting we stopped for a McDonalds on the way back. The way he chose to impress me there was to show me his pierced nipples! I was still a bundle of nerves and hardly said a word.

We both must have impressed each other in some way or another that day because since then we have been pretty much inspirable.

Now 12 years later we get along really well, mostly by taking the mick out of each other constantly, being childish and just trying to have fun together. We rarely argue but we also work really hard at our relationship. If something isn’t right we work at it until we fix it and that can be really hard some days but I wouldn’t want to spend my life with any one else in the world.

I’m married with three children and I’m happy. 12 years ago I really wouldn’t have expected to be where I am today in life. I wasn’t in a great place at 16 and I wasn’t happy. Life truly began for me 12 years ago and I’ll never look back.