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Day 3 of the summer holidays.
It’s raining.

3 Things I Didn’t Know I Could Do Until I Had Children

I’ve learnt alot about myself since becoming a parent here are 3 things I didn’t know I could do until I had children.

1. I can pick up a lot of different things with my feet!
Have you ever been there? Standing up sleeping baby in your arms, you have been rocking your child to sleep because you’re past giving a fuck about the ‘helpful advice’ you have been given again and again about how you shouldn’t cuddle your baby to sleep because they will get used to it, you just want ten minutes of silence without a battle.
Phone rings it’s hubby and you know he’s standing in front of the chocolate shelf having forgotten which kind of chocolate you requested he bring back, it’s been geting you through the day thinking about that chocolate and if he brings back the nut and not the fruit and nut…. well it just doesn’t bare thinking about. Mobile phone is on the floor, you know if you go down you won’t be geting back up without waking baby.
So in come monkey feet. Grab phone with feet, fling onto the sofa and reach with ease. Chocolate disaster averted.

2. I can hold my pee for a really long time!
It’s unreal how, when you have a baby, you realise you are going to have less time to yourself. Never did I think it would be so hard to find two minutes to pee. It’s about choices really with the few minutes you get though out the day in between nappy changing, feeding and cleaning up puke you have to choose weather you use those minutes to pee or quickly re heat that cold cup of tea you made 1 hour earlier and enjoy best you can. Once you get the hang of things you can speed pee and then run to the microwave before it pings and disturbs baby.

3. I can sleep like a ninja!
Before children I could sleep through any noise. Fireworks night? What fireworks? I certainly couldn’t hear them in my deep, peaceful sleep. After children however one cough has me jumping out of bed and onto my feet in seconds, running like Usain Bolt to my child.

Summer holidays!

The school summer holidays are here and it’s well needed in this house. I have only realised today, now that I feel relaxed sipping tea, how stressed out I have been over the past few weeks.

I think this is mostly due to the heat wave we have had. Not because it’s been ‘too hot’, I really enjoy the heat, but because I spent all of the heat wave digging and moving crushed concrete from the front of the house to the back trying to help hubby sort out an area of the garden so we can have a pool up for the summer holidays.

So I’ve pretty much stressed my self out silly so we can have a more relaxing summer holidays, perhaps it’s the terrifying anticipation that the boys will be at each others throats the whole time that pushed me to get some kind of peacemaker in the garden. They all love water so I guess my theory is this will be a brilliant distraction from the strong desire they have to tear chunks out of each other.

We gave it ago yesterday, you know once the heat wave had past it was clouded over and although sunny a chilly wind was in the air, the boys didn’t seam to even notice they had so much fun and I’m banking on this pool to be my saving grace through the holidays. Of course the great British weather for casts rain later in the week and I’ll be back to playing referee again.

A Heart Melting Moment

Today was one of those days where a good plan got stressful real quick.
Hubby was out playing on his motocross bike today so the kids and I decided we’d have our own fun at the beach.
As any mum knows, geting out the front door with kids is a mammoth task.
DS3 (2 years old) wanted to take absaloutly every toy he owned to the beach. We compromised on a big digger truck, a motorbike, a quad and a really annoying noisy police motorbike just so we could get out of the house.
I’m usually really lucky with my boys they are really well behaved in the car. They sit quietly and rarely annoy each other.

Today however it felt as though they had saved it all up over the years for this mornings car journey.
DS3 ‘s noisy police motorbike started a repetitive siren noise as soon as I’d got onto the motorway (which was immediately crawling along because of traffic) and I couldn’t pull over to stop it. DS2 (6 years old) decided to pretend to be making the siren noise mouthing every ‘wooooooaaa’ at his younger brother sitting next to him in the back who got instantly irritated and screamed every five seconds about it. This just seamed to be a fun game for DS2 who was in hysterical laughter and kept on and on until it turned into ‘mum he looked at me’ ‘mum he stuck his tongue out at me!’ All the while DS1 (8 years old) is sitting next to me trying to ignore it all playing on his favourite app. An app which teaches you how to play the guitar and all I can hear from the seat next to me is the rhythm to ‘Mary had a little lamb’ although it went a little more like this
‘Mary had a’
‘Mary had’
‘Mary had a little’
‘Mary had a’
Let me tell you Mary almost had a little flying lesson out of the car window.
All of this was going on and I could feel my eye twitching and my stress levels rising and then DS1 says, almost so quietly I don’t hear him. ‘You’re the best mum ever’ It hit me right out of the blue I really wasn’t expecting him to say that.
‘Aw thank you ‘ is all I could say.
‘You always take us places and do stuff with us and play on the trampoline with us and… you know you’re the best’
It completely melted my heart. All the noise that was stressing me out a few seconds before was still going on in the background but all that stress just melted away.
It’s made me think how, although I’d like to think that I don’t care about other people’s opinions, I have held on to a lot of negative opinions before. Weather it was the lady in the shop who tutted at me whilst I allowed my child to tantrum on the floor of the supermarket or the man who muttered ‘that’s no good is it?’ at me when I gave my child a packet of sweets in the trolley just so I could get through this one shopping trip without him screaming bloody murder because he wants to run around. I’d let that sort of judgment against my parenting keep me awake at night and get me down days after.

Now my gorgeous eight year old child compliments my parenting out of the blue unprompted and I realise my children’s opinion is the only opinion that matters to me. There are a lot of people who will judge what kind of a mother I am but my children love me and they think I’m awesome and they are the only people I want to impress.

The rest of the beach trip went really well. We had the best day together and it’s definitely one for us to remember.



Diary of an imperfect mum


He wants to be a motocross superstar


So we took DS1 to see Nitro circus at the weekend. He loved it! He was in awe of all the motocross riders doing amazing tricks, upside down flying through the air and clearly loving every second. He is even more determined than ever to be big in motocross. It’s his  passion and it’s all he thinks about.
Well he’s a long way off of being big in motocross yet but he certainly rides well.
Hubby has taken him out this evening to get in a bit of bike time to prepare him for his first time on a practice track next weekend. I didn’t get to go along to watch this time but hubby recorded this video of him.

Teacher Strike

Some of the teachers at my children’s school are on strike today. Unfortunately for DS1, who is eight, his teacher is not part of the NUT and he has to go into school today while his brother, DS2 who is six, gets a day off!
Hubby told me I should just let DS1 have the day off which I found very tempting but there is always the worry of geting into trouble with the education  officers or whoever it is that gives you a typed up telling off.
While I do fully support the teachers who are striking so that they have better work rights/pay it is frustrating that when they strike the children miss a day of school and that’s just the way it is for the parents who have to arrange and maybe pay for extra childcare so that they can go into work as normal (thankfully I am not one of those parents and it doesn’t disrupt my normal Tuesday routine). However if you were to take your child out of school when they are not ill and there is no super exceptional reason you face consequences, usually just the typed up telling off but potentially a costly fine, a visit from an educational welfare officer or even prison!
Anyway as I say I’m lucky enough that my husband is the one who goes out to work and I am extremely lucky to be able to stay at home with the children so today it’s kind of fun having our six year old at home as well.
I’ve been trying to think of what we can do today to try and take advantage of the local child friendly places being a little less busy than the weekend but I keep hearing what my eight year old said to me before I dropped him off at school, before his six year old brother turned and scooted off with me and DS3 to head home for a free day off school.
“Please don’t do anything fun because I have to miss it and go to school”.
I really feel for DS1 but I can’t keep DS2 and DS3 cooped up indoors it isn’t there fault. So a happy compromise, I feel, is something in the middle we are going to go to the big park just a 20 minute drive away and a walk to the ducks.
When I pick up DS1 from school later I’ll treat him to some football cards for being good about today.
Has anyone else got that trouble today with one child off school and one child who has to go in?