Our Norfolk Holiday

Last week we were lucky enough to have a family week away in Norfolk.

We stayed in the same caravan I used to visit each year with my family when I was younger. It was amazing to share days out with my own children in the same place some of my happiest childhood memories were made.

I think my love of the seaside comes from our holidays at the amazing beach in Norfolk. I love the crisp sea air, spending the day with no shoes and sand between my toes, the peaceful sound of the sea crashing against the sand and the fact that the whole beach is a massive playground with treasures of shells and mermaids purses waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a smooth start. We set off for the three hour drive in our family car that so far had served us well. That was until we were 30 miles from the caravan. The car started making the most awful noise and we knew something was really wrong. We decided to try and make it to the caravan before we called the break down service so that at least the children had somewhere to sit other than the side of the road and a toilet!

Thank goodness we did, the breakdown service took over 4 hours to turn up! When they did turn up they pretty much told us the car was in a sorry state and it would cost us over £300(!) for them to tow us home as we only had free recovery 50 miles from home. We were determined to still have our holiday. We had all been counting down the days we needed this holiday after a seriously stressful week. Hubby decided he would drive back home to borrow his mum’s car whilst the boys and I waited at the caravan, after all, the closer he got to home the more the cost of recovery would go down.

The caravan park is gorgeous, well looked after and ideal with the beach right on the doorstep but there is absolutely nothing with in walking distance. We had no food in the caravan apart from a few packets of mini chedders so when Hubby returned the next day with a McDonalds breakfast it was heaven.

The rest of the holiday was one of the best weeks we have ever had together. The weather was amazing. We had so much fun doing everything I loved to do at the beach when I was younger, Crab fishing and building sand castles were always my favourite.

I swam in the sea as well, I haven’t done that since I was probably about ten years old and it was gorgeous. Amazingly there was this one black seal that we saw every time we were at the beach. It was so close to the shore and when we were swimming in the sea it was about 20 metres away. The boys couldn’t believe it and were transfixed.

We also had an mazing day out at Dinosaur Adventure which was a short drive away.

We spent the week with zero phone reception, no gadgets and very little T.V and it was lovely to be off grid and back to basics. The boys were calmer which meant Hubby and I were more relaxed. I loved everything about it. I loved squishing into the caravan at night, eating pizza on the grass outside and shaking bucket full after bucket full of sand out of our shorts at the end of the day.

We definitely plan on returning next summer and who knows we may even see the same seal again.



Dinosaur Adventure

After visiting Dinosaur Adventure last week whilst on holiday I was so impressed I had to write about it.

We planned our day out here weeks ahead after searching the internet for days out close to our caravan site on holiday. I was really impressed with the website. It showed the variety of activities they had to offer and the entry price seamed reasonable, not that we had to worry about that to much as I changed up £20 worth of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers which paid for all five of us to get in (2 adults and 3 children).

As we drove in to park there were lots of Dinosaur signs along the path and we could see a big Dinosaur head peeking out from behind a tree in the distance which immediately got the boys excited.


As we entered we were given a booklet that the boys were to take around with them and stamp different sections along the way and once they had found and stamped each section they would receive a medal each.


As we walked around searching for Dinosaurs I was really impressed that a lot of it was through woods. The boys were really excited running around seeing who could spot a dinosaur first and they enjoyed reading the fact board that was placed next to each Dinosaur.



The whole park is really big and there is so much to do there. They have an indoor soft play area but we didn’t get to go in as the boys were having so much fun playing in the huge outside play area they have. There are massive Dinosaurs the children can run through and then slide down the tail, there was a small trampoline in the smaller children’s play area, a rope climb, a small climbing wall and tons of space to run around.


There is a really great sanded area with little ‘tools’ that the children can use to uncover Dinosaur bones.

We took a picnic with us but we saw a great spacious, clean restaurant with a Dinosaur theme that looked great.

The Secret Animal Garden was also fantastic. There were so many animals to see and it was lovely to see that they looked well cared for. There were pigs, wallabies, guinea pigs, rabbits and snakes to name a few.


For me, Dippy’s Splash Zone was most impressive. It was a really hot day and I was so glad I remembered the boys’ swimming costumes. The splash zone was incredible! There were sprinklers dotted about shooting water up from the ground, big water shooters the children could aim at each other, a small water slide, a big bucket high up that when filled to the top tipped down on all the children who were counting down and screaming with delight below all on a colourful, soft flooring.


I have put together a short video of our day which you can view on my you tube channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GDBmtsVges

You can also check out Dinosaur Adventure website here http://www.dinosauradventure.co.uk

*Disclaimer I was not paid in any way to write this post. These opinions are my own.