Our Norfolk Holiday

Last week we were lucky enough to have a family week away in Norfolk.

We stayed in the same caravan I used to visit each year with my family when I was younger. It was amazing to share days out with my own children in the same place some of my happiest childhood memories were made.

I think my love of the seaside comes from our holidays at the amazing beach in Norfolk. I love the crisp sea air, spending the day with no shoes and sand between my toes, the peaceful sound of the sea crashing against the sand and the fact that the whole beach is a massive playground with treasures of shells and mermaids purses waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a smooth start. We set off for the three hour drive in our family car that so far had served us well. That was until we were 30 miles from the caravan. The car started making the most awful noise and we knew something was really wrong. We decided to try and make it to the caravan before we called the break down service so that at least the children had somewhere to sit other than the side of the road and a toilet!

Thank goodness we did, the breakdown service took over 4 hours to turn up! When they did turn up they pretty much told us the car was in a sorry state and it would cost us over £300(!) for them to tow us home as we only had free recovery 50 miles from home. We were determined to still have our holiday. We had all been counting down the days we needed this holiday after a seriously stressful week. Hubby decided he would drive back home to borrow his mum’s car whilst the boys and I waited at the caravan, after all, the closer he got to home the more the cost of recovery would go down.

The caravan park is gorgeous, well looked after and ideal with the beach right on the doorstep but there is absolutely nothing with in walking distance. We had no food in the caravan apart from a few packets of mini chedders so when Hubby returned the next day with a McDonalds breakfast it was heaven.

The rest of the holiday was one of the best weeks we have ever had together. The weather was amazing. We had so much fun doing everything I loved to do at the beach when I was younger, Crab fishing and building sand castles were always my favourite.

I swam in the sea as well, I haven’t done that since I was probably about ten years old and it was gorgeous. Amazingly there was this one black seal that we saw every time we were at the beach. It was so close to the shore and when we were swimming in the sea it was about 20 metres away. The boys couldn’t believe it and were transfixed.

We also had an mazing day out at Dinosaur Adventure which was a short drive away.

We spent the week with zero phone reception, no gadgets and very little T.V and it was lovely to be off grid and back to basics. The boys were calmer which meant Hubby and I were more relaxed. I loved everything about it. I loved squishing into the caravan at night, eating pizza on the grass outside and shaking bucket full after bucket full of sand out of our shorts at the end of the day.

We definitely plan on returning next summer and who knows we may even see the same seal again.



Dinosaur Adventure

After visiting Dinosaur Adventure last week whilst on holiday I was so impressed I had to write about it.

We planned our day out here weeks ahead after searching the internet for days out close to our caravan site on holiday. I was really impressed with the website. It showed the variety of activities they had to offer and the entry price seamed reasonable, not that we had to worry about that to much as I changed up £20 worth of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers which paid for all five of us to get in (2 adults and 3 children).

As we drove in to park there were lots of Dinosaur signs along the path and we could see a big Dinosaur head peeking out from behind a tree in the distance which immediately got the boys excited.


As we entered we were given a booklet that the boys were to take around with them and stamp different sections along the way and once they had found and stamped each section they would receive a medal each.


As we walked around searching for Dinosaurs I was really impressed that a lot of it was through woods. The boys were really excited running around seeing who could spot a dinosaur first and they enjoyed reading the fact board that was placed next to each Dinosaur.



The whole park is really big and there is so much to do there. They have an indoor soft play area but we didn’t get to go in as the boys were having so much fun playing in the huge outside play area they have. There are massive Dinosaurs the children can run through and then slide down the tail, there was a small trampoline in the smaller children’s play area, a rope climb, a small climbing wall and tons of space to run around.


There is a really great sanded area with little ‘tools’ that the children can use to uncover Dinosaur bones.

We took a picnic with us but we saw a great spacious, clean restaurant with a Dinosaur theme that looked great.

The Secret Animal Garden was also fantastic. There were so many animals to see and it was lovely to see that they looked well cared for. There were pigs, wallabies, guinea pigs, rabbits and snakes to name a few.


For me, Dippy’s Splash Zone was most impressive. It was a really hot day and I was so glad I remembered the boys’ swimming costumes. The splash zone was incredible! There were sprinklers dotted about shooting water up from the ground, big water shooters the children could aim at each other, a small water slide, a big bucket high up that when filled to the top tipped down on all the children who were counting down and screaming with delight below all on a colourful, soft flooring.


I have put together a short video of our day which you can view on my you tube channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GDBmtsVges

You can also check out Dinosaur Adventure website here http://www.dinosauradventure.co.uk

*Disclaimer I was not paid in any way to write this post. These opinions are my own.



We are currently on holiday in Norfolk. We have rented the caravan off of a family member at a beautiful quite spot right by the sea. 

It didn’t start off very well at all. On our drive up here yesterday, despite having the car checked and repaired twice before leaving, the car started to make the most awful noise about 30 miles away from the caravan park. We didn’t know what to do, call out the rescue service and either pay a hefty price to get us back or have the car stuck in a garage all bank holiday weekend or try to get to the caravan risking more damage to the car. 

The boys were in tears at the thought of having to go home before we had even arrived on holiday and I was stressed but trying to keep as calm as possible in the situation. We have all been looking forward to this holiday after a stressful few weeks. 

We made it to the caravan thank goodness, the breakdown services took four and a half hours to arrive! If we had been waiting on the side of the road that long it would have made the situation ten times worse.

The breakdown man said lots of things that a mechanic would understand but the short version is its probably time to say goodbye car. 

Hubby decided to drive back home to borrow his mums car so we could still have a holiday. If he broke down on the way at least the cost of recovery would go down the closer he got. 

So the boys stayed at the caravan with me. We had no food as we couldn’t get to any shops so when hubby arrived this morning with breakfast I’m sure I heard a choir of angels singing. 

We have had a relaxing day today mostly at the gorgeous beach that is just a twenty second walk away. We are planning the rest of the week trying to cram in as many exciting days out as we can before we return to reality where we have no car and no money to buy a car.

Keep your fingers crossed that at least the weather is good to us!

Happy Days- A Look Back At Our Week

I really enjoyed the #happydayslinky last week and I am joining in again this week. 

This week has been us trying to entertain ourselves with days out for free before we go on holiday at the end of the month. It’s been mostly late nights and food being whatever we grab at the time. 

Here are my happy days from the week.

Bike riding

The boys enjoyed a long bike ride from our house to their Nanny’s house this week. 

We had one of those days where we were just restless with no plan for the day. We’d taken it easy not doing a lot in our pj’s until about 10.30am and that’s about as much indoor time we could handle. The boys wanted to go on a bike ride. Hubby usually loads the bikes in his van and I drive in the car with the boys to our local county park that is great for bike riding. But as hubby was at work and we still don’t have a bike rack a cycle ride to Nanny’s was the best option. It took about 30 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to get back. I pushed the buggy incase my youngest got tired but I ended up running to catch up the whole way there and back, he wasn’t tired at all! We stopped off to see the ducks and to play at the park on the way back and it was a great way to make the most out of the day.

Motocross fun

Hubby took our 8 year old out on his motocross bike to the track. It’s so nice they have a sport that brings them together and helps them bond. It’s also a great way for DS1 to get rid of any stress and frustration he has and he came back really proud of himself and in a great mood. 
I tried something new

Cooking has got a bit boring for me and the family have got a bit bored of eating the same old thing every week. I was having a lazy morning watching Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals and was drooling over this amazing mustard chicken and dauphinoise potatoes he was making. He made it look so easy so I thought ‘even I can do that’. I had to go out and buy all the ingredients I didn’t have, which was everything, and it certainly cost quite a bit more than I usually spend on one meal but it actually turned out really well. Hubby ate it all up, 8 year old loved it, 6 year old cried and gagged like it was a bush tucker trial from ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’, and 3 year old did pretty well, which as far as my cooking goes, was a real success! Now I have the key ingredients I will definitely be making it again.

A free family fun day

We had a great time at a local free family fun day. The weather was amazing and there was lots to do for the kids. 3 year old went straight for the face painting table as he loves to be Spider Man! 6 year old spent most of his time bouncing around happily on a space hopper and 8 year old found some friends so I didn’t see him much for the whole time but he had fun!

I’m really enjoying the school holidays and I don’t want it to end!

Evil Appliances 

All of my appliances have been ganging up on me lately. 

Everything that helps me do the essential wife/mother crap I have to do is giving me the big screw you middle finger and refusing to help me a minute longer.

The cooker was the first to go and I’m sure it quickly put the word out and ‘strength in numbers’ was mentioned. 

Well the new cooker quickly caught wind and was sucked in to the whole protest thing. I used my NEW cooker the day we got it and the sodding hob melted a small hole into itself! How, how, how does that even happen?! 

The washing machine is jumping up and down sounding like a grade 5 hurricane, my fridge only wants to freeze and now the disloyal dishwasher just shows me it’s secret dishwasher code that only the manual that no one keeps after one week of purchase can unlock the secret to. 

So if any one would like me to review all of the above it’s safe to say I’m open to it! 

Sure you may ask yourself why would I use this newbie with little followers to review MY product. Well who else could promise you to clog up every social media news feed they have access to with photos of them lovingly looking at your product. Of them hugging and admiring your appliance and a short video cooking with ‘Let’s Stay Together’ playing in the background.

Or failing that a sledge hammer so I can get some satisfaction out of a kitchen appliance massacre!

On The Track Video

Here is a short video of DS1 on the motocross track on Sunday.

He absolutely loved every second and can’t wait to get back out there again soon.

motocross sunday 1

I love that DS1 and his Dad share their passion for this sport and it helps them bond as father and son.

fist pump motocross


10 Questions To My Children 

I asked my children these 10 questions and it was really fun hearing their answers.

I wrote exactly what they said and I wrote down their first answer.

DS1 is 8 years old, DS2 is 6 years old and DS3 is 3 years old.

1. What is your favourite thing to do with your family?

DS1- Go on holiday

DS2- Go to the arcades

DS3- Camping

2. How old is your Mum? (I’m 28)

DS1- 28

DS2- 25

DS3- 3

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

DS1- A plasterer like Dad

DS2- A video gamer

DS3- Bigger!

4. What does your Mum do that makes you smile?

DS1- Oompa Loompa impression

DS2-Tickle me

DS3- Dinner

5. What does your Dad do that makes you smile?

DS1- Takes me to motocross

DS2- Play fight

DS3- Motocross

6. Where is your favourite place to be in the whole world?

DS1- At home

DS2- Anywhere where there are no big spiders or scary creatures

DS3- Nannies

7. What is your favourite food?

DS1- Pizza

DS2- Tomato soup

DS3- Ketchup

8. What are you best at?

DS1 – Being A football goalie

DS2- Football

DS3- Mummy

9. What makes you happy?

DS1- Playing with my friends and family

DS2- Watching DanTDM

DS3- Mummy and Daddy

10. If you had a super power what would it be and why? 

DS1- Flying, so I could fly past traffic and I don’t have to stop

DS2- Flying because if I wanted to get out of school I could just fly out

DS3- Baymax, flying!

Clearly DS3 didn’t understand all of the questions fully but I was pretty impressed with what he did understand and how he answered.

Why don’t you ask your children these 10 questions and share the results with me I’d love to hear them. My twitter name is @me3boysandmudpi why not share it with me there or leave a reply in the comments!

The Things I Said I Would NEVER Do As A Parent 

I had such high expectations for myself as a mother a little too high perhaps.  There are so many things I told myself I would never do as a parent and so many of them I do and shamelessly.

My children will never eat a McDonald’s

OK so it seams a bit crazy that I put it on myself that my children would NEVER eat a McDonald’s. It’s hardly the food of Satan but I was determined to have an all natural, organic, all ways a home cooked meal kind of baby. How nieave you were 19 year old me, so nieave.

Sure with baby number one for the first year I had my little veggie baby, full 5 a day at least, he didnt even know what chocolate was and treats were fruit (whilst I hid behind the kitchen door scoffing chocolate). Family members sure wanted to fill my baby full of crap including the dreaded M word and soon I gave in. Little veggie ate those nuggets like it was nectar, as if my home cooking was bad or something (as if) and this was the meal of Kings. I still rarely let him have these treats well into his second year and he turned out to be ‘that kid’ at the party. You know the one who isn’t at all interested in the balloons, music or flashing lights but instead wants to sit under the food table sneaking chocolate biscuits and cakes. All three of my boys only have their McDonald’s as a treat but we just happen to have treats a lot more these days. All the over thinking about food has gone way out the window as long as it’s 90% good I’m fine with the other 10%.

The routine would never be broken

Routine is important for children we all know that. I was so desperate for sleep bedtime was planned like a military operation. At 18.00 hours bath time would not be a minute late. Story time 18.30 hours and lights out. I loved my boy being in bed at 6.45 every night it meant I had time to do things in the evening like collapse on the sofa and eat ice cream while staring at the scattered toys across the floor that I should probably have been picking up. It isn’t always that easy and the routine became more relaxed once baby number two and three came along. When I was sitting there in the evening with my sweet babe asleep on me (sweet now he had stopped the screaming) I sure didn’t want to rush upstairs and start the routine for the older two boys who would be happily watching some kind of dancing bear on the TV. Bedtime routine now a days is more of a guideline and I don’t stress about it so much.

Half an hour of TV a day

This one went out of the window pretty quick. I’ve heard over and over how a TV should not be used as a babysitter. Well that babysitter got me though a day after 2 hours sleep the night before. Through the breastfeeding every hour phase that had me prisoner on the sofa unable to entertain a 6 and 3 year old. Or just through the hour I needed to pull myself together because some arse at the baby group scoffed at me because I’d put my top on inside out due to pure exhaustion and I’d questioned my parenting (and self dressimg) skills entirely because of this one situation. We mostly play out side getting filthy and non stop running at the park so I’m good with the kids spending time with the virtual babysitter in the evenings!


Diary of an imperfect mum


Summer Fun

Today was a fantastic day. 

Sun, the great outdoors and energy from a little lye in!

Some days I find being a parent so hard.

Some days I just want to curl up and block out the world.

Some days it feels so much harder to put three little peoples needs before own. 

Today was not one of those days. 

Today was a day where all of those ‘some days’ that are a struggle, are lonely and full of frustration make THIS day that bit more glorious, relaxing and content. 

We are so lucky where we live there is always lots on for families.

We took the vintage bus that is running this summer holiday, a short walk from our house, up to a local deer park. 

The boys loved the double decker bus and we got to sit at the front up top. 

The bus ride only cost us £2.50 and it cost us nothing to enter the deer park. The boys loved the outdoors, climbing trees and finding sticks.

We made a den and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it! We found bugs and beech nuts and made little homes for the bugs it was awesome! 

Simple days like this are like therapy for me. It was just what I needed and the boys had a great time too.