3rd Birthday

Yesterday was my youngest son’s 3rd birthday. 

We had such a busy lovely day yesterday I didn’t get a chance to blog.

He was so excited he woke up before any one else in the house, snuck downstairs and I was woken up to him shouting up the stairs 

‘Mum I got a bike, I got a bike!’ 

We all rushed downstairs before he opened up the wraped gifts. He loved his balance motocross bike, his kit and helmet but was just as pleased with the toy motor bike that cost ÂŁ2 from the supermarket and he now sleeps with it next to his pillow! 

Birthday boy did have one complaint though. 

‘Where’s the tree?’ He said

‘What tree?’ We said

‘The Christmas tree for my birthday’

Bless his little heart he was expecting the house to be decorated and all his birthday presents under a Christmas tree and its little things like that that just make me love him even more.

Hubby thinks I’m mad but I said we might start up a family tradition of a ‘birthday tree’.

We decided against a birthday party and instead birthday boy got to pick a family day out. He chose the beach and so we headed off early. 

The kids had a great time on the little rides, we ate the BEST fish and chips on the beach, and then grabbed our buckets and spades to go make sandcastles and paddle.

Well when we got to the beach the tide was all the way in. No sand in sight it was all under water. We spent the next hour walking and walking to look for a sandy bit and ended up hoping in the car stopping at every car park looking over the edge to look for sand. 

Luckily we ended up finding a bit of beach that had some sand not covered by water which pleased the boys we rushed down to make sandcastles and paddle as quickly as we could. DS1 ended up right in the sea almost up to his shoulders, shivering while saying 

‘Come in its warm!’

DS2 went in up to his waist and loved it and DS3 ran in and out laughing and dug holes in the sand and then…. pooed himself because he was having to much fun to go to the toilet. We had to run back to the car clean a very, very messy child and then the car started having a disco with the warning lights.

Luckily we got home ok and we were all having such a good day that we just laughed about it all.

Oh and I totally cheated on the birthday cake. DS3 wanted a motorbike cake and so I bought some mini motorbikes and stuck them on a ready made chocolate cake he couldn’t have been happier with it and it was the most stress free birthday cake I have ever made 🙂


Faith in Humanity 

After a total of three hours sleep from ‘the best sleepover ever’ as my 6 year old said, we ended up with him in minor injuries this afternoon. My poor little man fell straight off the monkey bars onto his arm. 

Thank goodness the x-ray showed no brake or fracture (that would have been a fun second half of the summer holidays). 

While we were there I met two people who give me faith in the human race. 

One lovely man in the waiting area who clearly found it more difficult than most to get about as he shuffled to his chair. He noticed the boys and I beside him at the vending machine. I was trying to keep my sleep deprived children happy whilst being stick in the waiting area of the hospital and yes I was doing this with treats. My youngest really wanted the Maltesers but the machine just kept flashing ‘out of order’ at us and he was really upset about it. The lovely man offered to walk across the road to get some for him. 

How selfless of him. It clearly wouldn’t have been easy for him but he must have seen me there on my own with three boys, one crying for the treat he could see but couldn’t have, One crying in pain and one trying to help me negotiate a suitable alternative with the youngest and he wanted to make my day a little easier. Clearly I thanked him but said no I wouldn’t have wanted him to do that trip for a bag of sweets but I was touched by his act of kindness.

As we were walking to the x-ray room the lady that was leading us was stopped by a college.

‘This is your last patient today before you go home isn’t it?’

‘Yes it’s been a long day’ she said.

My youngest wanted to come in too it looked so exciting to him but of course he couldn’t come in while the x-ray was being done so he had to wait out side with my eldest and the receptionist.

When we were done the lovely lady asked if the other two boys wanted to come in and look around the room. She showed them the machine and the pictures of the x-ray. They loved it. She could have finished the job she had to do and headed home to a well earned break but she gave up a couple of extra minutes out of her day to ease mine. 

After today I feel my faith in Humanity is restored. It’s easy for the bad experiences of strangers to get stuck in our heads. Like for me when I was eight months pregnant stuck on a crowded train standing up and no one gave up their seat for the whole 30 minute journey and all I could think was Wow people can be real selffish ass holes. 

But today I’m left thinking Wow there are so many people who have so much selflessness and kindness and the world’s a better place for it. 

Happy Days – My Wonderful Week

I’m joining in with the Happy Days Linky.

I love the idea of looking back on the week and remembering everything about it that makes me smile.

These are the things this week that make me smile.

ice cream blog

  • We have all been having fun. It is still early on in the summer holidays and, so far at least, it has been full of fun and fairly relaxing. While my older two boys have been having tons of fun at a fantastic football club this week my youngest and I have been spending some quality time together peddling boats, paddling in the water and of course eating lots of ice cream!
  • I’ve been gaining confidence and trying harder. I enjoy writing my blog so much. I love taking photos and writing about the wonderful things behind that photo but I lack confidence in myself and so it holds me back a lot about what I write and if I even have the guts to press the post button. I’ve been trying harder to push myself this week like joining in with this linky I want to challenge myself and gain more confidence.
  • I’ve met up with friends. Later in the week my youngest and I met up with some friends at the park. It’s great to catch up with other adults other than my husband now and again and I didn’t realise I needed it until I left feeling a little more content.
  • We are getting organised. Since my husband went self employed a few months ago his business is thriving. Although this is fantastic all the little projects around the house have been taking a back seat including the started but not finished garden. We have arranged everything to get things back on track next weekend and it’s something to look forward to having the garden complete and ready for the boys to play in.

This week has been great and there is lots to look forward to.

What has made you happy this week? I’d love to hear about your week.




My littlest boy will be 3 years old on Tuesday. Already the passion and excitement he shares with his Dad and brother for motocross is immense.

I adore the bond my boys have with their Dad and their love of motocross strengthens this. 

DS1, as already mentioned in previous posts, can’t get enough of motocross every second he can spend on his own motocross bike is his heaven and he is loving getting out on the practice tracks.

DS2 is hot and cold with it but is getting more and more interested. In the meantime he has his father son time fishing which he loves.

DS3 pretty much breaths motocross, he watches it, helps Daddy fix and clean his bike and when we had to pick up some bits from the motocross shop just the other day he completely impressed everyone in the shop correctly identifying the clutch, kick start, throttle and so on. I guess it’s in the blood.

5 Days to Birthday Boy



In less than a week my youngest child will be 3 years old. 3 years old! I can no longer call him my baby when he is going to be 3!

What a gorgeous, wonderful, kind, caring, quirky, beautiful soul my son has become in his (almost) 3 years of being on this earth.

I remember the day he came into this world so perfectly. One thing that reminds me the most of this wonderful day had to be Dynamo. Do you know Dynamo the magician? I did before that day but by late morning on 9th August 2013 I knew pretty much all there was to know about him. While the anaesthetist was administering my spinal block (incorrectly the first three times!) the group of doctors were having a jolly time discussing the amazing wonder that is Dynamo. I had heard so much about him I was wondering if this was a brand new show for the magician and he was going to burst out of my stomach.

That all seams so long ago now and while every day I am trying to teach this little person a little more about life and a little more responsibility I can’t help but feel sad that he is growing up and his new found independence feels like he needs me less and less.

The soon to be birthday boy of course can not wait. He keeps telling me

‘I’m gonna be a big boy now like Daddy’

I wonder if he expects he is going to wake up with chest hair, tattoos and stubble. I hope he isn’t to disappointed!

Dear oven R.I.P

Dear oven you are dead,

You helped to bake fresh bread,

I’ll remember all the roasties,

And the way you got all smokey,

The way you made the fire alarm beep,

And transformed the bananas that wouldn’t keep,

Into yummy banana cake,

Refused by children who like nothing I make,

I’m sorry I didn’t treat you well,

I rarely cleaned you it must have been hell,

But now you may leave this home,

To the tip you go to be alone,

Your life of slavery has ended,

Because there is no way you can be mended.

Oven number 3  



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I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂


First time camping

The boys have been asking for a long time if we can go camping. We’ve never been and so when a friend invited us to a camping night for her birthday we jumped at the chance.

We packed the car to the brim with all the things our family of five could possibly need for two days camping. We panick packed! With visions of us confined to our tent in the late evening and children that wouldn’t sleep we packed sticker books, board games, an old video game that has been sitting in a drawer for a few years and toy cars.

We really needn’t of worried. Our little party animals stayed up until the early hours with out a whinge or groan and loving every second.

They loved running around with the other children and it was amazing to see them getting along with all ages so well making your their own fun with nothing more than sticks, trees and their imagination. 

The day and evening was planned perfectly by the birthday girl. We had bbq, bubbles, roasting marshmallows on the bonfire, a d.j and great company.

 We had so much fun the boys and I ended up staying for a more relaxed second night. 

I think we might have the bug for camping and we are planning on a family camping trip next year. 

The whole weekend was so much fun and so relaxing spending some amazing quality time together.